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Buffalo PREMIUM - ONE SIZE SOCKS (UK: 5 - 10)


Buffalo PREMIUM - ONE SIZE SOCKS (UK: 5 - 10)

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One size (UK: 5 - 10, EU: 38 - 45)

These socks are full of tradition and knowledge of artisans combined with the latest technology, to offer you a quality product with the best of both worlds.

Merino wool, cotton, polyamide and elastic fibers socks. Natural color. Warm and cozy.

Both the fibers and the conversion and finishing processes are handmade.

They are designed to obtain a sock that fits almost all types of shoes, which makes them ideal for all types of activities. Practice mountain sports or wear them with your favorite boots.

Thanks to the properties of this wool, they keep a costant temperature on your feet and avoid the excessive sweating of other socks, so that your feet remain dry all day.

A second skin full of advantages and comfort. You'll always want to have them with you!


  • Wool (23%)
  • Cotton (55%)
  • Polyamid (10%)
  • Elastic fibers (2%)

One size

  • 7 - 13

Weight per pair of socks

  • 100 Grams


  • Wash the first few times by hand, with cold water (<30º) and without spinning.
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not use drying machine
  • Do not use iron
  • Do not use dry cleaning
  • If possible, use an ecological, neutral or special wool detergent without hitting or rubbing


  • 3 pairs of socks

Our wool comes from selected transhumant cattle.
The colors are natural. They make our wool a natural material that feels perfect on the skin.

After washing, the wool was spun through certain physical processes that give it softness and exceptional quality.

Why do we suggest wool socks?

Wool is a very insulating material that protects the foot from the cold. The type of wool in our socks is made of a kind of sheep that produces the finest, soft and warm wool. The species, originally from Spain, is known for the fullness and quality of its wool. Wool socks offer a velvety texture.

When to use wool socks?

Wool socks are warmer than cotton and are ideal for cold days. For example, motorcycling or working outdoors.

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